2018 World Series Odds for Each MLB Team at the Start of the Season

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All 30 MLB teams enter the 2018 season with a fighting chance of achieving glory. Yet a continuing arms race one of the top squads dwindle the amount of valid World Series contenders.
A small number of fans will not enjoy their team’s recorded chances of winning the Fall Classic. When powerhouses such as the Houston Astros, Los Angeles Dodgers and Cleveland Indians loom as immovable challenges, even a solid club with feasible playoff fantasies becomes a overwhelming underdog.
Supporters of top-tier squads will also desire a higher championship probability, but no 1 team could run off with favorable odds since any winner has to endure a grueling and unpredictable postseason gauntlet.
Also consider that these aren’t Las Vegas chances discriminated against bettors. Everyone’s chances look slimmer when the probabilities add up to 100 percent.
Seven teams now carry a viable claim to the Commissioner’s Trophy. Two other National League contenders have an outside shooter, but everyone else is only trying to slip into a wild-card place with 85-90 wins. Even if effective, they must then conquer a number of superteams.
Injuries, trades and sudden performances will modify the league’s outlook by the summer. For now, let’s examine each team’s championship likelihood as the season commences.

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